Ålagillen and äggakaka now also wine!

Wine from Skåne? Yes!Would you like a glass of “Skåne” / Scanian wine? “Absolutely!” Oz Clarke, the British wine expert, exclaims euphorically after a visit to Europe’s northernmost wine district. After having tried some 30 wines, he wrote the following: “If you are used to drinking wines from the New World, or for that matter French, Italian or German wines – yes, any wine at all – then you will find that Swedish wines taste very different. Solaris is probably the most successful white grape in Skåne. It matures fully and give a high alcohol content, sometimes very high. Solaris gives floral, sometimes mineral tastes, often with hints of apples, pears, rosehip and lavender, but always with a steady, green acid that reminds us that the grapes have grown in Scandinavia. The most successful red sort is the rondo. It used to be known as GM6494, but that name was deemed impossible to sell. It is a study variety and gives a lot of color and taste. Southern England is almost too warm for rondo. But Skåne seems, at least for now, perfect for the grape. Enjoy it as long as it lasts. In a generation or so, these Scanian wines will most certainly be mainstream.”


About xoxosweden

Constantly looking for signs of the Swedish heritage and what makes it special.
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