‘Medelsvensson’ – The Swedish Average Joe

The state of ‘Medelsvensson’ – Medelsvensson, the Swedish equivalent of Average Joe/Jane, has become a bit overweight, but s/he is better educated than s/he used to be. According to a fresh study from Statistiska Centralbyrån (Swedish Statistics), among the Swedish Medelsvenssons in 2009, 38% have higher education (higher meaning they attended college) compared to Medelsvensson back in 1990, when only 23% had higher education. In 2009, Medelsvensson spent 2 900 SEK ($440.28) a month on food, 2% more than in 2008. 54% of the male Medelsvenssons are overweight (and 37% of the women). During the last 3 decades, Swedes have gained weight because we eat more than we burn in calories (the average Swede consumes 3100 calories a day, compared to the average American who consumes 4270). Medelsvensson also increased his or her alcohol consumption and ‘became more criminal’ – over 1.4 million crimes were reported during 2009, an increase of 2%.

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Constantly looking for signs of the Swedish heritage and what makes it special.
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